What To Expect

flight3If you are seeking adventure, education, entertainment and the opportunity to experience the exotic nature of Cajun country up close and personal, consider that my boat was designed to reach the shallow, densely vegetated interior of the swamp in the Atchafalaya Basin, where we harvest crawfish in the wild. In the same boat, now outfitted with comfortable padded seats with back rests, we can get off the lake, away from boat traffic and into the Bald Cypress swamp surrounding Lake Martin, where wildlife is abundant and undisturbed.

The tour departure schedule will be different in the winter time than the schedule we set in the heat of summer. This is relative to the seasonal climate changes south Louisiana is famous for.

Please be advised; if you are traveling west through Cajun country on Interstate 10, Lafayette is your last chance to exit Interstate 10 and do a Louisiana swamp tour before reaching the Texas state line.